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How to Play Blackjack

Blackjack is a card game typically played in casino where a player bets against a casino representative, the dealer. Players bet on the odds that their hands will be valued close to 21 without the hand exceeding 21 in value.An ordinary 52 card deck is used, the values of each card are as follows: 2-10 are their face value, face cards are all valued at 10 and the ace can either be of value 11 or value 1, depending on what the layer wants it to be. the game is played by each player and the dealer being dealt one card face down and then dealt one additional card until they are either happy with the value of their hand or go over the limit of 21, called a ‘bust’. Players say ‘hit’ when they want another card and ‘hold’ when they are satisfied with their hand.A perfect hand happens with a face card and an ace, totalling exactly 21 in 2 cards. This hand will beat the house in most cases,unless the house also deals a perfect hand. In that case the hand is ‘tied’ and the player will receive the full value of his bet back. Tales may vary, but usually the dealer will pay out 3 – 2 on player wins, a 10$ bet gaining 5$ plus the value of their initial bet of 10$ for a total of 15$Tables may have special rules, and the dealer is usually obligated to take another card at a certain value or hold at a certain value, say 17. Each player sitting the table able to achieve a hand valuing closer to 21 will win at the 3-2 rate.